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Demann Electrical are your RCDs, Safety Switches, & Circuit Breaker specialists. We provide a complete repair, installation and maintenance service for all your RCDs needs including circuit breakers, safety switches.

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For information on Safety Switches, please take a minute to read Energy Safe Victorias information booklet, excepts of which are below.

There are three types of safety switches. Switchboard mounted safety switches provide ef?cient protection for your entire home. All power and lighting circuits in your home can be protected. These safety switches are installed by registered electrical contractors or licensed electricians generally in the same location as your meter and circuit breakers or fuses.

ESV strongly recommends that a safety switch is installed on each of the power and lighting circuits for maximum protection and flexibility if a fault occurs. In most cases a registered electrical contractor can install a safety switch for around $200. Power outlet safety switches are designed to protect a single electrical circuit in a part of your home. To give maximum protection, a power outlet safety switch must be installed by a registered electrical contractor or licensed electrician on the ?rst power point of each circuit after the switchboard.

Plug in safety switches are portable so that they can be taken outside, or in areas where you don’t usually use electricity. This means whenever you’re using electricity you can take your own safety with you. These safety switches only protect the appliance which is plugged into them. They plug directly into a power outlet, providing protection whenever a power extension cord is used with a power tool, or in high risk situations such as outdoors and in damp locations such as around swimming pools. Portable safety switches are available from all major hardware or electrical retailers.


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