Electric Ovens

Electric ovens and stoves are great for when gas is not available to the home or for easy cleaning, and can be used with all types of cookware. Electric ovens and stoves can be broken into two types, ceramic and solid hobs.

Electric wall ovens eliminate the need to bend over when removing heavy dishes and it is easy to keep an eye on your cooking. Wall ovens are also out of range of small children.

The difference between a large electric wall oven and a normal wall oven is the size in width. The bigger you go, the wider the oven and varies from brand to brand and model to model and of course, price.

As the price increase so does the features and the size of the large electric wall oven. Basic ovens have features such as timer, knob controls, oven light, fan grill, mulitple shelves, double glazed door, removable doors and countdown timer. The more expensive pyrolytic electric wall ovens can completely self-cleaning.

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